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WHY DO WE CHOOSE JASPER® AT Mohave Powersports?

JASPER Engines celebrates 75th anniversarySINCE 1942, MADE IN THE USA

Here at Mohave Powersports in Fort Mohave there are many reasons to choose JASPER®, after all, they have been providing a solution for our drivers as they have been providing a high-quality solution since 1942. One of the main reasons for our shop, however, is their overall approach to continuous improvement which has been "Perfecting the Art of Remanufacturing for the past 75 years and their attitude "Do it Right....and Have Fun." 

JASPER® has been "Perfecting the Art of Remanufacturing" for 75 years and today is the nation's largest remanufacturer of gas and diesel engines, transmissions, differentials, rear axle assemblies, air and fuel components, marine engines, sterndrives, performance engines, and electric motors. They are committed to providing you with the perfect product that will meet or exceed the expectations and back up that commitment with a 3 year | 100,000 Mile Warranty on their gas engines, transmissions, and differentials. That means you can have confidence in your vehicle's performance for years to come and confidence in JASPER® for life. 

It is the reason that here at Mohave Powersports we have chosen to provide our Fort Mohave drivers with the JASPER® choice when they need a solution for their car, truck, SUV, van or Jeep. Our fleet companies are also a huge fan of the JASPER® solution as it extends the life of their vehicles, increases the value of that vehicle and saves them money. When our drivers experience that sickening feeling of indecision when their vehicle exhibits engine or transmission trouble and the solution is one that JASPER® has an answer for, then we know you will be protected by that parts and labor warranty anywhere you drive nationwide.

So when our technicians are asked, what the best choice is? Buying a new car, using a junkyard replacement engine or transmission or rebuilding that engine or transmission we truly have the right answer for them. We know a JASPER® product is going to be reliable, efficient, dependable, increase the value of their vehicle and they can return safely to the road. Buying a new vehicle will cost them much-much more and that junkyard engine has a history of who knows what! A JASPER® Remanufactured Engine, Transmission, or Differential Exchange Product is your best solution! The value proposition is easy!


  • Adds worry-free years to the life of your vehicle
  • 3 YEAR | 100,000 MILE WARRANTY *Parts & Labor, Nationwide, Transferrable:  Gas Engines, Transmissions & Differentials!
  • Saves money over the purchase of a new or another used vehicle
  • ADDS Value to the resale of your vehicle
  • You KNOW what you have vs. USED.  JASPER® Remanufactured to meet or exceed OEM standards!
  • Our Suppliers know us as an ethical partner


  • Remanufacturing quality products since 1942 "Perfecting the Art of Remanufacturing"
  • THE LARGEST remanufacturer of gas and diesel engines, transmissions, differentials, rear axle assemblies, air and fuel components, marine engines, sterndrives, performance engines, and electric motors.  
  • Two distribution centers for nationwide availability
  • 48 Nationwide Branch locations and over 2,300+ Associates working for YOU!
  • CUSTOM remanufacturing of our "Performance Division" is available for unique vehicles - Send us your unit and we will remanufacture it specifically! 
  • FORBES List for America's Best Mid-Size Employer


  • Every JASPER® remanufactured gas engine, transmission & differentials is backed by a Nationwide Transferable 3 YEAR | 100,000 MILE Parts & Labor Warranty with more than 10,000 locations nationwide to get the job done right. Click here for complete warranty information.

And you can get thousands of more miles by choosing a JASPER® Remanufactured Engine, Transmission, or Differential. Drivetrain components remanufactured by JASPER® Engines & Transmissions are as good as or better than new but a much less costly solution than replacing your good old four-wheeled friend with the peace of mind delivered by a JASPER® Engines & Transmissions Company 3 Year - 100,000 Mile FULL Parts & Labor Warranty! But, whatever term you use for that component you're having installed in your car, truck, SUV or boat, you should make sure that you're getting exactly what you think you're getting. Here's how we differentiate used, rebuilt and remanufactured:



Used components are pulled directly from a vehicle – typically a junkyard vehicle – and generally not even so much as a surface is cleaned. There are no provisions for disassembly, internal cleaning or inspection with a used component. Used or junkyard components may have high mileage and poor maintenance history – a failure waiting to happen. Many used or junkyard components come from a vehicle that was involved in an accident and may have unseen damage such as being immersed in water. Our technicians here at Mohave Powersports in Fort Mohave will simply replace the unit with one from a used vehicle that is the same make & model. You get the used unit and your vehicle is back on the road without a warranty. It is an affordable fix for you but not one that we recommend as we do not know the history of that unit at all or how the previous owner drove that vehicle before it ended in the junkyard due to an accident.


To rebuild is to recondition by cleaning, inspecting and replacing severely worn or broken parts in the engine or transmission. Serviceable parts are reused within the manufacturer's acceptable wear limits. The quality of rebuilt engines or transmission components varies widely and many come with only a limited warranty not a full parts and labor 3 Year / 100,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty. Here our technicians take the unit and break it down replacing the parts that are needed and ONLY those parts so that you are back on the road. This is a good fix if it is a clear and simple issue with an engine or transmission that has suffered very MINOR damage and has come in immediately and fits only a very small margin of our Fort Mohave drivers. The warranty, if any is available, is very limited.


A JASPER® remanufactured gas and diesel engines, transmissions, differentials, rear axle assemblies, air and fuel components, marine engines, sterndrives, performance engines, and electric motors are taken down to the basics with most wearable parts replaced. All core material is closely inspected and checked against original equipment specifications for correct dimensional tolerances. Replacement parts are new or requalified. If new, parts are made in the same production processes as original equipment. Testing is performed to manufacturer specifications and original production standards. With JASPER® remanufactured units you get tolerances that meet or exceed those of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and a nationwide warranty, that in many cases, is better than a new component warranty. Completely remanufactured, for a lot less than imagined.

You drive away from our shop with confidence if you have a JASPER® remanufactured gas and diesel engines, transmissions, differentials, rear axle assemblies, air and fuel components, marine engines, sterndrives, performance engines, and electric motor! Our Fort Mohave drivers have proven that time and time again. 



  • We know that you automatically lose money when you drive off the lot with your new vehicle.  The average is $2000 - $3000 in value!
  • Your wholesale value depreciates by 35-50% in the first 2 years
  • In 3 years an average new car loses 54% of the original purchase value
  • New vehicles carry higher tax, licensing and insurance costs
  • Trade-in value on your vehicle while not operating at 100% is much - much less


  • Lose $1000 – $1200 in value when they leave the lot
  • May have a minimal warranty if any
  • May have hidden problems requiring expensive repairs
  • Trade-in value on your vehicle while not operating at 100% is much - much less 


  • JASPER® Engines & Transmissions was founded in 1942 and today is the nation's largest mass remanufacturer of a diverse line of drivetrain components. Annual production includes 65,000 gas engines; 75,000 transmissions; 6,500 diesel engines; 5,000 differentials and rear axle assemblies; and 1,200 stern drives. The product mix also includes performance engines and transmissions, marine engines, stern drives, outboard lower units, and outboard powerheads, alternate fuel engines, and electric motors.
  • JASPER® is the only remanufacturer to have 3 individuals named Remanufacturer of the Year by PERA, The Production Engine Remanufacturer's Association.
  • Corporate and remanufacturing operations are housed in a 367,000 sq. ft. facility located in JASPER, Indiana with all remanufacturing performed in three facilities. Inventory is housed in two distribution centers - one in Indiana and the second in Kingman, AZ.
  • JASPER® Engines & Transmissions employs over 2,300 Associates. JASPER® Engine & Transmission products are distributed through a network of 48 branch and distributor locations.
  • JASPER® Engines & Transmissions supplies transmissions and differentials to some of the greatest names in NASCAR racing. The technology we gain is built into the products we supply for your race of everyday life.
  • JASPER® Engines & Transmissions operates on a philosophy of a continuous improvement in safety, quality, productivity, customer service and the reduction of waste. Our mission statement is simple: "Do It Right and Have Fun!" We are committed to remaining a leading force in the automotive industry. Progressive programs of research and new product development enable us to provide quality value-oriented products second to none.
  • Every remanufactured engine, transmission, or differential product is thoroughly tested and inspected for quality assurance.
  • Immediate availability on most popular applications. Fast turn around custom remanufacturing programs is also available.
  • JASPER® Engine & Transmission remanufactured products are built to industry specifications that are equal to or more exact than those used by the original equipment manufacturer.
  • JASPER® Engine & Transmission remanufactured products are backed by written factory warranties. A Premium Service Plan is also available.
  • The bottom line is value and JASPER® Engines & Transmissions remanufactured products provide value for your dollar in terms of longevity, durability, and performance.

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